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Structured Interviews

These are interviews conducted in the field (at the home or business site) which are administered according to a script that dictates question wording, order, probes to follow up with, etc. These are often combined with photo-surveys of the site/home along with commentary by the participant during the tour. The aim is to gather qualitative free-form answers to a defined set of questions from multiple participants in order to discover key similarities, differences and comparisons.

What We Do

We will work with you to understand and describe the desired target participants (user profile, persona), and then design a robust interview script that will allow analysis and comparison of answers across participants. Combinations of rating scale, multiple choice and open-ended questions can be used in order to gain rich data sets efficiently, and probing is common for many questions.. Interviews are usually conducted in person, on-site with particpants….but can also be administered over the phone.

What You Get

The report will begin with key findings summarized succinctly, followed by a more detailed description of trends in responses to the issues investigated. Throughout, we emphasize important similarities, differences, trending and interesting issues or unresolved questions for further investigation. Analysis is descriptive and summative in most cases with attention paid to expressing findings in the users’ or customers’ own words.


Benchmark Research & Safety, Inc. is a human factors and ergonomics consulting firm that specializes in usability, user-centered design, product safety, warnings, expert witnessing, research (design, ethnographic, perceptual) and training. Benchmark Research & Safety, Inc. is one of the few multi-capability firms in the Northwest - headquartered in Moscow, Idaho with branch offices in Boise and Rigby, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; and Grand Junction, Colorado.