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Work Flow Analysis

Work-flow analysis (also called “task analysis”) is used to identify what a user is required to do in terms of actions and/or cognitive processes to complete a given task or goal. The data used can be obtained through many different methods, and are then used to help us understand an existing system and the information flows within it. These information flows are important to the maintenance of the existing system and must be incorporated or substituted in any new system that is designed for the same purpose and users.

What We Do

We work with you to understand and describe the desired target participants, (user profile, persona) and gather data about their process and activities (mental and physical). We then logically decompose complex activities into simpler task-sequences, attempting to get to a level where each sub-task has a clearly distinguishable goal or outcome and requires certain knowledge, skill and/or actions that can be deliniated and described. Points at which sequencing is critical are noted, as are places where several different activities can go on in parallel.

What You Get

A work-flow analysis shows the sequences of activities and actions that are required to achieve particular outcomes or goals.  The analysis details interactions:

  1. between people – including information exchanged and sequencing-requirements
  2. between people and the tools, instruments, or information systems they use
  3. points at which certain information or inputs are required
  4. critical-paths in the flow

The results can be used to design new systems, improve existing ones, and better understand opportunities for automation or more efficient/effective processes.


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