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Training & Education 

Safety Information Design, Development, and Evaluation 

Benchmark can educate your employees about the importance of safety information (i.e., warnings, labels, signs, instructions, manuals, etc.), how to evaluate your company's existing safety information, and provide them with the skills necessary to design and develop safety information independent of outside help. 

Topics covered include:

  • Warnings and product liability
  • Cutting-edge research findings
  • Determining when warnings might be necessary
  • Methods to determine warning content and location
  • Conformance with regulations and ANSI standards (Z535.4 & Z535.6)

Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 

In today’s business world, companies are looking for a competitive edge - good human factors/ergonomics is one way to accomplish that goal.  Benchmark can custom design a training program that will educate your employees about the need for good human factors and provide them with the skills necessary to implement this knowledge.

Topics covered include:

  • Making use of human factors principles when designing products  
  • Minimizing the negative impact of human error on the healthcare
  • User-centered design

Wildland Fire Safety 

Dr. Braun has been actively providing training to individuals charged with the management of the nation's wildland fires.  As an instructor at the National Advanced Fire Research Institute in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Braun is regular at courses like Advanced Incident Management and Fire Management Leadership.  At these courses he teaches topics including decision-making, team development, team processes, and human behavior in the fire environment. 

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Benchmark Research & Safety, Inc. is a human factors and ergonomics consulting firm that specializes in usability, user-centered design, product safety, warnings, expert witnessing, research (design, ethnographic, perceptual) and training. Benchmark Research & Safety, Inc. is one of the few multi-capability firms in the Northwest - headquartered in Moscow, Idaho with branch offices in Boise and Rigby, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; and Grand Junction, Colorado.